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I build links between new applied science knowledge, our research and delivery partners and the community. These links mean that our environmental research can truly help guide on-ground actions and underpin policy decisions.  I am committed to making a difference. I have meandered through many roles in science, much like the rivers I’ve worked on for years. I have an early background as a research scientist in Antarctic algae, and then salmon aquaculture (with delicious kitchen benefits, and travelling the globe learning from the Norwegians, Japanese, Scots and French). I then spent a decade with an NGO, running remote citizen science expeditions in Australia’s wild deserts and Wet Tropics, which then evolved into roles in environmental education. For another decade I became “The Fish Lady” – working with communities on river health projects and sharing research stories as part of the Murray-Darling Basin Authority’s ‘Native Fish Strategy’, where I learned how powerful empowering people can be. I have had several roles in emergency management teams, including connecting fire-affected communities with the recovery of nature, and witnessing the powerful two-way recovery loop that can develop – for the benefit of both people and nature. I currently lead the ‘Victorians Value Nature ‘ program for DELWP, and am becoming increasingly interested in behaviour change in the context of people-nature connections.


I am passionate about wild places, and about connecting people with nature and science. As a volunteer I helped establish the Jane Goodall Institute Australia, have led many local environmental actions and volunteered in Tanzania and Myanmar. I am also passionate about leadership, diversity and inclusion. In 2016 I joined Homeward Bound’s first leadership program for women in STEM, including a journey in Antarctica. My connection with Homeward Bound continues, as part of the ongoing HB Visibility Leadership team, and I delivered the Science Communication element of the Visibility program in Homeward Bound 3 (2018-19). That program; the journey to Antarctica, the extraordinary team of women I worked with, and our collaborative effort, was literally exhilarating and continues to inspire me. 


I am a Fellow of the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation; Fellow of the Rachel Carson Centre, Munich; team winner of the David Ashton Award for Environmental Science 2013; Shire of Murrindindi Citizen of the Year 2018; and part of the VRAN team which won the United Nations Public Service Award, 2019.



Ecology, Conservation, Sustainability, Behaviour change, The Arts, Communication, Art, Citizen Science, Policy