Welcome to the

People and
Nature Alliance

A community of practice dedicated to improving human-nature relationships

PANA is a community of practice that aims to bring together experts and practitioners working in various fields relevant to human-nature relationships. We facilitate discussion and collaboration between people interested in nature connection, human health and the environment, conservation behaviour change, and more. 

About PANA

The People and Nature Alliance is a community of practice for those who conduct work or research on human-nature relationships. We seek to improve knowledge and application in this field.

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Joining PANA is easy and free. If you work in the growing field of nature connection we'd love to welcome you into our community of practice.


PANA compiles and produces useful resources regarding human-nature relationships. Government, practitioners, and the broader public will find these valuable.

The Latest from PANA

Launching PANA

Welcome to the People and Nature Alliance.  We are thrilled to have launched our website and open our group to new members.  PANA is a

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