Become a PANA member

Joining PANA is easy and there are no membership charges or fees. If your work or study is related to human-nature relationship, and you are interested in opportunities for networking and collaboration, please apply.

Membership Terms & Conditions

Before applying, please make sure you have read and understood our terms and conditions.

Who should Join?

PANA welcomes researchers, practitioners, and policymakers from a diversity of backgrounds. If you work or study in a field relevant to our focus and aims we encourage you to apply. 

Our members include people from...



Social Science






Why Join?


Connect with other members


Work together on projects


Attend seminars and workshops


Access members-only resources


Nope. PANA is free to join and enjoy! 

We welcome members from a diversity of backgrounds. When you submit a membership application we will ask you to explain the reasons you wish to be involved in our community of practice. If your field of work or study is relevant to PANA’s aims we will approve your membership. 

In order to facilitate a strong, engaged community of practice the PANA website has an inbuilt social media platform. When you join PANA you are granted access to this community where you can connect with other members, post updates, share projects, create and join groups, and engage in forum discussions. You will also have access to members-only resources and receive updates on upcoming PANA events. 

While majority of our members are in Victoria, Australia, we encourage applications from people living interstate and overseas. We hope to facilitate a productive community online and offer opportunities for in-person contact wherever possible. 

PANA is an independent community of practice. We have an elected committee who make decisions on behalf of our members. PANA is not currently an incorporated entity. 

At present we do not have a system for registering organisations or institutions. However, you can join PANA as an individual and make groups or forums to represent your associated entities.